Centennial Commemorative Civic Event and Reenactment at the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

LAVA members are encouraged to attend the DWP's official Centennial celebration of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct at the Cascades.

100 years ago on this day, 30,000 people clamored around the Cascasdes. The Chamber of Commerce distributed bottled Owens River water. The Southern Pacific charged $1 for a round trip ticket from Los Angeles. William Mulholland officiated the ceremonies. He thanked his assistants and the City of Los Angeles for their loyal support. His address to the crowd was brief: “This rude platform is an altar, and on it we are here consecrating this water supply and dedicating the Aqueduct to you and your children and your children’s children--for all time.” He paused for a moment, then quipped "That's all." It was a little later in the proceedings that he uttered the immortal, oft-misquoted line "There it is Mr. Mayor. Take it.” 

Get a carpool together and join us for this watershed event!

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