SONGS FROM SKID ROW | a fundraising event

THESE DAYS, MORE THANNE and GAME GIRLS are hosting an event connecting the new and old Downtown Los Angeles. We’ll be celebrating the launch of the Game Girls Indiegogo Campaign, where we seek your support to complete a unique documentary about the female experience in skid row.

Serial Killer Summer Session: The Night Stalker & The 60 Freeway Slayer

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LAVA's 42nd Sunday Salon

Please note that, due to limited room capacity, attendees must register to attend the LAVA Sunday Salon. To sign up for this free event: First register as a user on this site, or login to your existing account and then return to this page. Refresh the page and the signup field will appear just to the left of this text. Enter your email address. No plus-ones; each guest must register individually. If you find you are unable to attend, please return to this page and cancel your reservation.

Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice tour

From the founding of the city through the 1940s, downtown was the true center of Los Angeles, a lively, densely populated, exciting and sometimes dangerous place. After many quiet decades, downtown is making an incredible return. But while many of the historic buildings remain, their human context has been lost.

Esotouric's Hollywood! tour debut

Climb aboard the Esotouric crime bus and discover the unwritten history of the sleepy suburb that birthed the American dream factory. From literary lions to criminal masterminds, terror plots to teenage thrill seekers, music mavens to abiding mysteries, the neighborhood is packed to the rim with with fascinating lore and architectural marvels. 

Pasadena Confidential (with Crimebo the Clown) tour

The Crown City masquerades as a calm and refined retreat, where well-bred ladies glide around their perfect bungalows and everyone knows what fork to use first. But don't be fooled by appearances. Dip into the confidential files of old Pasadena and meet assassins and oddballs, kidnappers and slashers, Satanists and all manner of maniac in a delightful little tour you WON'T find recommended by the better class of people!

From Pop to the Pit: Ed Colver Presents Music Photos 1978-1989

Culled from the Herald-Examiner photo archive and the Gary Leonard Collection, Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection presents a glimpse into a decade in the musical life of a city that produced scores of hit singles, strikingly diverse genres, and tremendous excitement. Join us in reliving an extraordinary time in Los Angeles’ music scene with rarely seen images of the bands that helped define the era.

On Display in the History & Genealogy Department from January 8 to June 28, 2015

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