Cellar Tours of the King Eddy Saloon, Saturday December 8th, 7-8pm

 <p>The time has nearly come when we must say goodbye to our dear King Eddy Saloon, the last Skid Row bar.</p>

  <p>But eight days before <a href=”/lastdaykingeddy”>last call on December 16th</a>, <span class=”caps”>LAVA</span> presents a rare opportunity to tour the historic basement speakeasy, where a select group of fortunate explorers can see the remnants of Prohibition-era decor. Join us to soak up the considerable atmosphere of this place that is memorably featured in John Fante&#8217;s great downtown novel <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ask_the_Dust”>Ask The Dust</a>.</p>

  <p>Below are links to the four 10-minute tours which are scheduled from 7pm to 8pm on Saturday, December 9th.</p>

  <p>Please follow a link for details on each tour:</p>

  <p><a href=”/kingeddycellar1″>Saturday, December 9th, 7pm</a></p>

  <p><a href=”/kingeddycellar2″>Saturday, December 9th, 7.15pm</a></p>

  <p><a href=”/kingeddycellar3″>Saturday, December 9th, 7.30pm</a></p>

  <p><a href=”/kingeddycellar4″>Saturday, December 9th, 7.45pm</a></p>

  <p><strong><span class=”caps”>THE</span> <span class=”caps”>RULES</span></strong>: </p>

  <p>Registration for each tour slot will open at 10am on Thursday, and we expect reservations to go quickly. Please sign up for a <a href=”/user”>user account</a> in advance, and visit this webpage at that time if you would like to sign up. </p>

  <p>Space is extremely limited and promptness required for these small, free group tours, which are hosted by third generation proprietor Dustin Croick and <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpe0A1NyxXs”>Esotouric&#8217;s Richard Schave</a> . </p>

  <p>There are four time slots available, and attendees should plan to be upstairs in the bar at least ten minutes before their scheduled tour begins. </p>

  <p>Every guest must register individually (no plus ones). </p>