Cellar Tours of the King Eddy Saloon, Saturday December 8th, 7-8pm

The time has nearly come when we must say goodbye to our dear King Eddy Saloon, the last Skid Row bar. But eight days before last call on December 16th, LAVA presents a rare opportunity to tour the historic basement speakeasy, where a select group of fortunate explorers can see the remnants of Prohibition-era decor. Join us to soak up the considerable atmosphere of this place that is memorably featured in John Fante’s great downtown novel Ask The Dust.

Below are links to the four 10-minute tours which are scheduled from 7pm to 8pm on Saturday, December 8th. Follow the links to sign up for a specific tour (while available):

At the King Eddy Saloon

Saturday, December 8th, 7pm

Saturday, December 8th, 7:15pm

Saturday, December 8th, 7:30pm

Saturday, December 8th, 7:45pm


THE RULES: Space is extremely limited and promptness required for these small, free group tours, which are hosted by third generation proprietor Dustin Croick and Esotouric’s Richard SchavePlease visit the landing page to see a list of all available tour times. Registration for each tour slot will open at 10am on Thursday, and we expect reservations to go quickly. Please sign up for a user account in advance, and visit this webpage at that time if you would like to sign up. Attendees should plan to be upstairs in the bar at least ten minutes before their scheduled tour begins. Every guest must register individually (no plus ones).



omg... I am so excited for this that I thought today was thursday and I have been trying to sign up for the past 15 minutes! lol!

Please call the King Eddy directly at (213) 629-2023 and ask if they will allow your son inside the bar before making reservations for the basement tour. There is no access to the basement except through the bar.



Was there actually a tunnel hoing all the way to venice? Impossible no since they cannot even mae a tunnel for the metro!

No, of course there is no booze-running tunnel leading all the way to Venice--although there are some pretty impressive sanitary sewer systems under LA that run from the hills to the sea. The tunnel under the King Eddy is part of an unmapped network connecting several early 20th century buildings in downtown. You can see many of the city's tunnels on our curated Google map: http://downtowntunnels.notlong.com



I can only assume that I am only one of many who were unable to sign up for the four brief King Eddy basement tours this Saturday, but am still willing to show up with my three guests just to soak in the last bastion of Bukowskian aesthetic. I heretofore offer the following PROPOSAL:

To those lucky few who... Actually went on the tour

My proposal is as follows: I offer to buy a round of drinks immediately following your completion of said tour if you will regail us with, paint a verbal tapestry of, or at least summarize in bulletpoints, what sacred knowledge you learned in that 15 minutes, so that I, and my very attractive guests, might vicariously glean whatever wisdom we were too unlucky to miss. For your own edification, we will take that privileged information and spread the word, keeping alive, in story at least, the memory of such hallowed ground for the ages. 

This re telling shall be 1)be at least slightly entertaining, 2) include at least one probably underexposed and out of focus camera phone pic of whatever wonders you just experienced in the basement 3) last as long as it takes to finish the drink you will be holding in your hand as you impart the previous two points to us.

We will receive and homor as many offers as physically possible at the time. You can submit any and all RFP's to me at sadotis@gmail.com, or just find all four of us l(2 x couples) looking envious and despondent, probably at the end of the bar, or hovering around the Cellar Door, at King Eddy's on the evening of.  
Much appreciated,
(Tongue withstanding cheek, we will see you there)
Scott Dickinson

Scott Dickinson