LAVA invites collaboration with creative entities and individuals who provide cultural programming and dialogue in and on Los Angeles. Our Visionaries include writers, lecturers, historians, tour guides, preservationists, puppeteers, filmmakers, mystics, curators, poets, singers, pranksters and showmen. We do our highly original work without corporate support, and each of us is a true Los Angeles character.

Tangible benefits of LAVA membership include: access to the community think tank, invitations to special events, and the opportunity to contribute to the LAVA blog [LINK] and list suitable events on the monthly calendar [LINK], with possible inclusion in LAVA emails and press releases. Intangible benefits include opportunities for cross-pollination that will connect you with new audiences and unexpected new paths for your work.

If you think you should be a member of LAVA’s creative community, kindly email [LINK] and tell us a bit about yourself and what you do, and why you’d like to be a part of LAVA; we’ll review your request and get back to you. If you’re friends with a LAVA member [LINK], you can also ask your friend to sponsor you.

LAVA membership is free, but subject to rules of good fellowship and reciprocity. Members are expected to help and support each other where possible, and if LAVA is promoting you and your work, we ask that you spread the word about LAVA in your own promotions.