January 13, 2012

LAVA – The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

”[LAVA is] a network of creative types and thinkers working to grow Los Angeles up.” – The New York Post. “LAVA gathers creative people in search of a different experience of life in Los Angeles.” – Flavorpill. “LAVA always flows with red-hot nuggets of LA life.” -The Rundown

Gentle reader,

Welcome to the LAVA dispatch, an invitation to get out into the open air and explore. The real Los Angeles reveals itself slowly, and rewards the ernest seeker.

This week we’d like to pull your sleeve to some LAVA press clips. The new L.A. Weekly has a feature story on Richard Schave’s research into the confluence of literary culture and Musso & Frank, and the January 23 debut LAVA Salon at that historic restaurant. Read it online at http://blogs.laweekly.com/stylecouncil/2012/01/musso_frank_esotouric.php

And in the Los Angeles Times, an interview with arson investigator Ed Nordskog, whose upcoming March 4th crime lab workshop at Cal State LA is a very hot ticket—get yours soon! Get inside Ed’s head at the link below: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-0113-holland-20120113,0,3215828,...

Now read on for the LAVA news you can use.

Here are some brief highlights from LAVA’s calendar – visit http:// lavatransforms.org for full details and new additions. We hope you can join us for some of these Visionary-hosted events.