About Richard Schave

After his undergraduate studies in art history at UC Santa Cruz, Richard Schave set out to explore the American interior as an itinerent brick mason. His return to his native Los Angeles coincided with a renewed acquaintance with Kim Cooper, a once-detested academic colleague who would become his bride. Together, fusing scholarly research with new digital tools, they launched the <a href="">1947project</a> time travel blog, along with <a href="">In SRO Land</a>, and <a href="">On Bunker Hill</a>, as well as the <a href="">Esotouric</a> tour company. With the success of Kim's <a href="">True Crime</a> tours, Richard developed a series of <a href="">Literary</a> and <a href="">California Culture</a> excursions. Off the bus, Richard is a dedicated <a href="">preservationist</a>, and the host of the <a href="">LAVA Sunday Salon</a> and the <a href="">LAVA Literary Salon series</a>, named Best L.A. Literary Salon by <em>Los Angeles Magazine.</em> He also curates an ongoing series of <a href="">forensic science programs</a> at Cal State Los Angeles. To stay informed about Richard's off-the-bus programs, including his much-beloved, <a href="">Broadway On My Mind</a> walking tour series, <a href="">subscribe</a> to the LAVA newsletter.

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