Jordan Jones

Although he was born and raised in Las Vegas and currently lives in Hollywood, Jordan considers himself a citizen of the world.  An errant adventurer, Jordan has traveled to nearly 50 countries exploring new cultures and landscapes, gathering new perspectives, and doing volunteer work along the way.  His latest adventure has been taking control of his family’s business, the venerable and iconic restaurant, Musso & Frank Grill.  A fourth generation owner, Jordan has undertaken a mission to ensure that the grandeur and excellence that made Musso’s a world famous restaurant not only survives but continues to grow and attract new generations of customers.  A firm believer in being active in local community, Jordan has sat on committees and boards for the Hollywood Business Improvement District, Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival (Coming in July 2010).  When he isn’t playing restaurateur he can be found climbing mountains, searching for his favorite scraps of literature in used books stores, seeking out esoteric World Music, or checking out the local arts scene.