The Art of Bleeding at Fetish Nation

On the first Saturday of the month, the cavernous Circus nightclub in Hollywood becomes Fetish Nation, a sovereign state of clubgoing dedicated to things dark and deviant. In March, the monthly debauch addresses the theme of medical fetish, and quite naturally invited The Art of Bleeding to assist. We will contribute an interactive installation, parking the AoB ambulance in the Circus courtyard as the centerpiece of a field hospital for the morbidly curious. Instructive materials and strict medical “screenings” will be available within, courtesy of our highly qualified and minimally clad nurses, while the improvised outdoor infirmary will feature exquisitely debilitated patients participating in an “educational” multimedia tent show.


(NOTE: There will be no children’s show characters at this “nurses’ night out.” Fearing the adult nature of this event could damage tender psyches, the avuncular and ever-protective hand-puppet Dr. Moody has promised to lock to Abram the Safety Ape and his friend RT the Robot in a dark closet for the evening, while he settles in for an early night of scotch and Valium.)


For those with needing a break from The Art of Bleeding’s ego-destabilizing program of health-and-safety re-education, there are the usual diversions of the Fetish Nation, best described in their own words:


“Explore a 40,000 square foot sprawling complex of three massive DJ dance music areas (electro- industrial, ebm, futurepop, noize, dark 80s / darkwave / retro- industrial/Electro) and an expansive outdoor courtyard decorated by looming statues. Circus has state of the art lighting/laser systems, numerous big projection screens, top notch EAW Avalon sound system, reasonably priced drinks, and a decent amount of lot/street parking particularly for early arrivers. BDSM performances by resident players: CharlyB, Mistress Cyan, Master D, Exceter Miles, Fetish Noir, Miss Joy Villa, Master Liam, Mistress Melissa, Mistress Nicolette, The Professor, Meister Schmerz, Sir SkipDog, Goddess Soma, and the Ladies of the Dominion, Servitus LA: Asylum of the Soul.”


9pm-3am (AoB performs between 10pm and 1am). 21+, $25 or $5 before 10pm,