San Gabriel Valley Poetry Fest

Open Reading with free $100 drawing for readers inside the backroom of the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E. Washington Blvd. Don Kingfisher Campbell hosts. Please sign-up in advance by emailing Because of time and space considerations, this event is limited to 30 open readers who will read one original poem each. San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival Organizers will be introduced at this event.

Advance Sign-Up for Open Reading:
1) Mikel Weisser (from Arizona)
2) Don Newton
3) Marvin Dorsey (from Lancaster)
4) Khadija Anderson
5) Avra Kouffman
6) Kirsten Ogden
7) Helen Graziano
8) Jessica Joy Reveles
9) Scott Kaestner
10) Michael McLaughlin (from San Luis Obispo)
11) Mike Sonksen (LAVA)
12) Mona Jean Cedar (LAVA)
13) William Goldstein
14) James Maverick
15) Joe Milosch (from Carlsbad)
16) Terry McCarty
17) Elizabeth Yahn Williams (from San Diego area)
18) Robert Lundy (from San Diego area)
19) Karen Klingman
20) Reynald Romea
21) Tony Peyser
22) Leilani Suire
23) Jim Babwe (from Encinitas)
24) Apryl Skies
25) Billmarie Robinson