TwentyWonder: A Mini Worlds Fair – One Night Only

Every heard of SuperBall?

(not the Wham-O bouncy fun object)

A lucky few hundred or so of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hosted in a variety of locations over about a decade, courtesy of tv pioneers Joel and Jim Hodgson, if you were awesome enough to be invited, you knew you were in for a huge time when SuperBall came calling.

Crazy food contests (and to the victors went the giant Heavyweight Champion-style belts), a traveling Pachinko parlor, the bitchenest antique telescope around, Sashay Gigante (the male ecdisiastical review to end all ecdesiasm), ping pong ball manipulation (no, not Honeysuckle Divine), just to name a few of the outlandish displays of science and stupidity.

Now SuperBall is reborn, as TWENTYWONDER, still a crazy-ass meeting of the creative community but now also a fund- and consciousness raiser about Down Syndrome (aka Trisomy 21). Proceeds go to the non-profit Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.

This year’s party is chock-full of celebrity guests and promises to be the biggest and best party ever – well, maybe not EVER, but it will probably kick the ass of every other deal going down this Saturday night (except of course for other LAVA events).

(Knock Knock)

Who’s There?

Sarah Silvermnan, Dana Gould, Cinematic Titanic, Grant Lee Phillips, Two Headed Dog, Dave “Gruber” Allen, Jim Turner, Monkeys@ Robots, H.R. Pufnstuf (No, not just seeing if you’re still reading – really going to be there), Sci-Fi Historian Bob Burns, the GoRam BATMOBILE –

Have I got you?

Here’s where to get tickets.

Oh and the first 750 people through the door get the super-coolest souvenir amulet. So get tix and get there early!