Hitting L.A.’s Psychic Hot Spots

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered that it was possible to create photographic images demonstrating the “life force” which is manifested as an individual’s aura. Other Russian scientists have proposed that the earth’s surface is covered with a series of interconnected nodes much as acupuncturists view the human body as a network of energy centers.

On Saturday, March 20, my fellow Visionary Maja D’Aoust, “White Witch of Los Angeles,” led Esotouric’s “Maja’s Mysteries: Rapture & Release” bus tour. Over a period of four hours, we visited a number of locations which I would describe as “psychic hot spots.” So, what is a psychic hot spot? This has to be my definition because, to my knowledge, no one else has used this nomenclature. Let me describe some of my personal hot spots. When I get off the subway at Lenox and 135th Street in Harlem, I feel an incredible surge of energy rise from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. At the Capitoline Museum in Rome, I have discovered an 1800-year-old marble bust that could be my portrait. On my only trip to the souk in Fez, Morocco, it all looked familiar. I knew that I had been there before. After discussing these experiences with Maja, she concurred with my perceptions.       

Following Maja to a number of locations, mostly around Hollywood, I knew that I was moving in and out of psychic energy fields. On the surface, each one appeared to be a conventional Los Angeles location; however, I knew that there was something special to be explored at each location. Here is a recap of the highlights from my point of view.

Vedanta Society (1946 Vedanta Place, Hollywood, 90068)
Perched above the Hollywood Freeway, one is transported into the world of a sanctified Eastern religion with the peace and quiet that it embodies. “Vedanta teaches that man’s real nature is divine, that the true object of human life is to unfold and manifest this divinity, and that truth is universal.” Here one finds a temple, a convent, a monastery and an outstanding bookstore devoted to Eastern religions.

The Aetherius Society (6202 Afton Place, Los Angeles, 90028) 
“The Cosmic Teachings of The Aetherius Society were given by Masters from Beyond this Earth, operating mainly within our own Solar System and speaking through yoga Master Dr. George King.” We saw a video projection of Dr. King taking us on a terrestrial journey. Unfortunately, I slept through most of it. This recalled a similar somnambulist experience when I was in a graduate school art history seminar. When the lights came on, my professor pounded the table yelling  “Mr. Schoener we don’t sleep in my classes.” I should have apologized to our hosts, but was too embarrassed. 

The finale was a visit to the Parsonage of Aimee Semple McPherson’s Foursquare Angelus Temple (1801 Park Avenue, Los Angeles, 90026). Our guide, Jackie Muller, never actually met Sister Aimee, but she provided a knowledgeable and impassioned tour of her private quarters. Hundreds of thousands of people in thirty countries became disciples of Sister Aimee’s Four Square Gospel evangelism. The first years of her ministry were spent in tents, tabernacles and auditoriums. Sister McPherson felt led by  God to build a permanent headquarters in  Los Angeles. The Angelus Temple, adjacent to the parsonage,  opened on January 1, 1923. Together, they serve as monuments to the memory of this extraordinary person. 

Is Los Angeles special because of its  psychic hot spots? I would definitely say so.

Illustration: Sister Aimee’s personal bathroom in the parsonage, photo: Kim Cooper