“We are all buried treasure.”

A. Laura Brody is a costume creator by trade and a functional artist by design and desire. Images of her Edwardian Cyborg wheelchair “Driven” are included in Dr. Grymm’s 1000 Steampunk Creations. Her Steam Walker (aka Le Flaneur) was part of the Steampunk Form and Function show at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation. Her live performance draping event, Presque Prêt a Porter, won the CSPA Sustainability award for the first Hollywood Fringe Festival.

You’ve seen her recent work for designer Michael Schmidt on LMFAO at the Superbowl 46 halftime show, the last 2 Black Eyed Peas tours, in Fergie’s LEGO dress and on Rhianna’s bottom.

“I love bringing out discarded items and materials and making them the center of attention. Zipper teeth become lace edgings, ball bearings act as pendants and centerpieces, remnant snap tape becomes footlights and old tablecloths are reborn into upholstered cushions and deconstructed finery.  Old electric wheelchairs or thrift store walkers are buried treasure to be discovered, renewed and re-formed. My creations help people tap into childhood dreams of becoming heroines, kings, rock stars and super villains. If my works are steampunk, they are in the mad scientist mode: reconfiguring ordinary objects in hopes of making them extraordinary.”