artist /curator/teacher/shopkeeper

I have been a mixed media artist for the last 30 years (collage, assemblage, installation, unique book objects) and have also curated several large exhibitions such as The Magic Show, an exhibition of international mail art in 1983, Southern California Assemblage: Past and Present for the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum and the Museum of Santa Cruz in 1986.  In 2004 I curated Radiant Spaces: Private Domain, an exhibition of the work of 80 artists from all over California who are challenged with developmental differences. This exhibition was presented in three venues in Southern California. I am also the co-founder of Women/Beyond Borders, an international exhibition which has been traveling around the world for the last 13 years and which started modestly in Santa Barbara, Ca. in 1995 with 12 women. There are currently several 1000 pieces in the exhibition by women from approx. 30 countries.

Since 1993 I have been awarded 4 small grants (under $5000)  through the NEA, William Keck Foundation and the Santa Monica Arts Commission to create temporary interactive public art installations. Several of these had to do with the public perception of  people with developmental differences. I created a large interactive structure in a shopping mall (Santa Monica Place) where I was given an empty storefront as well where  the public could create art to place in the installation and dialogue with me about the issues I presented:  one being how to convince more employers in the mall to hire  people with developmental differences.

I was awarded $1000. for a project which took place July  2008 in Santa Monica titled the GLOW Festival. As part of a 2 person team  we created an installation performance piece for the festival titled Solar Koi. This festival took place for only one night into the next day on July 19 from 7pm to 7am. Our team created 8 umbrella-like assemblages with glowing koi fish and included a parade and then a concert at the end of the Santa Monica Pier at midnight.

I also am an active book maker and create unique book objects  which have been in many international exhibitions and are sold through Vamp and Tramp Booksellers. In 2008 I curated an exhibition of book objects in Santa Barbara having to do with books made from recycled non-traditional materials. I have taught workshops in book arts in various venues in Southern California.
Most recently I will be an artist-in residence at 18th. Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA. for 3 months: Oct/Nov/Dec 2010. I will open a store in the project room…MAKING CHANGE… which features art and craft with an activist political/environmental agenda which is very relevant to the political season ..Election on Nov. 2, 2010 …and upcoming holiday gift buying season. Grand opening is Oct. 2nd. From 1 to 6pm