Raise Your Mystic Fire Through Pranayama – A Yoga Breathing Course Part 2

Prana, which comes from the Sun, is that holy power which permeates all life and is necessary in everything that you do. The control of this energy is crucial in the raising of the mystic power of Kundalini. In this 2-part course you will learn ancient techniques passed on through the ages to potentize the intake of prana through the air. These exercises have been chosen by a modern Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, for the Western student. In this course you will be taught a powerful and balanced series of pranayama exercises by a long-time disciple of Dr. King.

Presented by Brian C. Keneipp, Executive Director of The Aetherius Society

Price: $20 in advance, $25 at the door:

Included in the class cost is the book, Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga, which contains these exercises as taught by Dr. George King. (Subtract $5 if you already own the book.)