Music and Mirth at LAVA’s Sunday Salon

On September 26, LAVA put out a call for culturally curious Angelenos to gather in the upstairs dining room of Downtown’s historic Clifton’s Cafeteria for our seventh monthly Sunday Salon.

After scattered conversation and dining, all eyes were on Visionary Madame Pamita as she shared her intriguing creative path from ’60s-inspired surf guitar kitten with the Neptunas to her current manifestation as a fortune telling uke-slinger immersed in the symbolism of medicine shows and exploring non-digital recording mediums. Pamita stole the show with her rendition of “Southern Can” (an answer song to the sexist blues classic) and drew a tarot card to answer LAVA founder Richard Schave’s question: “Do I need to be despondent?” Then she retired to a candlelit corner, where she told fortunes through the afternoon.

Next up was special guest Visionary Robert Dayton from Canada, with a warm and witty monologue about how his artwork is inspired by personal heartbreak, frustration with Toronto’s stuffiness, and a desire to bring a little romance into Canada. The room erupted in giggles as Robert shared the paintings from his “For The Ladies” series–absurd surrealistic images representing the subjects that various people who “identify as ladies” requested. Examples: a long-necked cat and Clark Gable in a teardrop, a man doing housework while women mow lawns full of toads, and Cloris Leachman eating stew. Here are links to the two-part video of Robert Dayton’s presentation: Part One, Part Two.

Closing out the afternoon’s program, recently returned Visionary The Ukulady (hostess of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk’s much missed Hippodrome shuttle) shared some funny stories (like how she was banned from Canter’s for singing about Paris Hilton’s “cooter” in the Kibbitz Room, not realizing the elderly patrons could hear her over the PA), interspersed with a set of poignant ukulele tunes about celebrity culture and the paths to finding real joy in Los Angeles, captivating the entire room along the way. 

For photos from the Salon, click here.

The Sunday Salon is always held on the last Sunday of the month, from noon to 2pm upstairs in Clifton’s Cafeteria at 7th & Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. Put it in your calendar, and we hope you’ll join us on October 31, for surprises soon to be announced.