Haunts and Horrors at LAVA’s Sunday Salon

On Hallowe’en Day the spirits were out in force for a themed Sunday Salon featuring fascinating presentations from Visionary members of GHOULA (Ghost Hunters of Urban L.A.), mysterious Skid Row misfortune teller Mesmerelda with her band The Homeless Henchmen (comprised of Nora Keyes with renegade ex-members of Clowns and Fetuses), and “Weird Hollywood” scribe Joe Oesterle.

A jovial crew of attendees, some in costume, paid rapt attention GHOULA president Richard Carradine’s tales of growing up backstage at Disneyland as the son of an imagineer collecting the stories of the uncanny that went into his recent book “Disneyland After Dark,” GHOULA’s Anthony Deptula’s and Lisa Mouse’s explanation of their spiritualist internet time capsule project “See You In 100 Years” (numerous attendees volunteering to participate) and Joe Oesterle’s hilarious stories of his sometimes-dangerous life on the road seeking out the strange to feature in his “Weird…” series books. The afternoon wrapped up with the beautiful and terrifying Mesmerelda’s musical journey along Downtown L.A.’s strangest promenade, old Winston Street.

For photos of the Halloween Salon, visit this link. And for a peep into Mesmerelda’s weird world, here’s some chilling video….

The Sunday Salon happens on the last Sunday of each month from noon-2pm upstairs at Clifton’s Cafeteria, always free and all are welcome. Join us next month for more Visionary cultural explorations, tasty treats and good company.