Backing up to keep up to date

I’ve been gently reminded by both Kim and Richard that I’ve been remiss in keeping my fellow Visionaries up to date. The problem is, as usual, that I’m doing more than I’m writing about what I’m doing. Much of the drama gets lost in the business of the moment.
I’ll do my best to write more during the process instead of after the fact. I’ve got to warn you, though. It’s a little hard to keep up. For now, I’ll give you a little month to month precis.

August and September were mostly about Diavolo Dance Theater and creating the SteamWalker, aka Le Flaneur. It’s the second installment in my Opulent Mobility series and includes a tasseled cushion and parasol, a chafing dish nestling a GPS unit and cow horns in front. Oh, and a bud vase. You may have to look at the pictures.

I worked on Diavolo’s adaptation of Fearful Symmetries on and off from June through September, but Aug-Sept were the push times since the show opened at the Bowl on September 9th. Naturally, my completed submission of the Steamwalker for the Steampunk Form and Function design competition was due Sept. 4th and the walker needed to be ready to ship out to Massachusetts before I left for Kansas City on Sept. 29th. Did I mention that August was also filled with finishing crafts for Toy Story on Ice and September was also devoted to prepping patterns (with designer Michael Schmidt) for Steven Tyler’s debut on American Idol?

Got to pay the bills somehow.

At any rate, Toy Story is now on Ice. Steve Tyler hasn’t yet worn anything I’ve made on American Idol, but it will happen. Diavolo’s Fearful Symmetries went up and down without a hitch at the Hollywood Bowl and the Steamwalker is safely on display at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation through May 2011. Pictures from the exhibit are up now on Facebook, and you can find the exhibit online here.

For the next installment-
I’ll tell you what’s up to date in Kansas City!
(I hear it’s everything.)