Sneak a peak into Professor Donald Johnson’s crime lab

Gentle reader,

Happy new year, from your friendly ghouls at LAVA, updating you on our occasional forensic science events in the Cal State Los Angeles crime lab, hosted by Visionary Professor Donald Johnson.

For a sneak peak into the crime reconstruction lab, and a preview of our events there, please check out this 3-part video interview by LAVA co-founder Richard Schave with Professor Johnson:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Currently, there are two dates scheduled for Professor Johnson’s enormously popular introductory event “The Science and Art of Forensic Investigations: Criminalistics from Test Tube to Testimony.”  We are also in discussion with Professor Johnson and his graduate students to develop an all-new forensic science event, to focus on different aspects of the field and include a collaborative crime solving workshop–so stay tuned.

The upcoming dates are Sunday, January 30th and Sunday, February 13, the cost is $36.50 per person, and tickets can be purchased through Paypal. Once again, a portion of your ticket price supports the research of Criminalistics graduate students.

Links for the event pages are below:

We do hope that those of you who attended and enjoyed “The Science and Art of Forensic Investigations” in October and November will share this announcement with your interested friends. The February 13 event is Valentine’s Day weekend, and we think it makes a very special date for a certain type of couple.

Finally please visit the LAVA website or Facebook page, or sign up for the main LAVA Flows email newsletter for updates on events outside the crime lab.
Kim & Richard
LAVA – The Los Angeles Visionaries Association