New building starts soar following 1/30 Cityscape-scroll permit frenzy

Thanks to all Visionaries and fellow travelers who participated in Sunday’s Salon. It was great to present the Majestic Blvd. cityscape scroll, and especially gratifying that so many folks took us up on our invitation to fill out ‘building permits’ for what they’d like to see drawn on the imminent Majestic Blvd. Western Extension project. About 20 permits have been submitted, and we’ll soon be sketching out sites and putting pen and crayon to paper. I expected Visionaries to be creative, but I was surprised by the diversity of suggestions put forth.

Among the best: a radio station (with a 12-story antenna) and an offshore pirate radio station… a cannabis club-pizza parlor…riding stables… harbor or  port… an organization to help the homeless…offices of the Consulate General of Smokesylvania (from Count Smokula)… a live ‘steam club’ (not the shvitzing kind; Majestic’s already got one)… a red-light district and “fun center”… a verison of Bunker Hill’s famous Sunshine Apartments… a factory manufacturing records… a cemetery… a prison… Johnny Hallyday Convalescent Home…”Ciro’s type night club”… Edith Massey’s thrift shop…

Have been promised a few more permits, to be submitted by e-mail. Once we get rolling, I’ll keep Visionaries updated on the progress of this project. Getting all this construction onto the new strip of real estate suggests I’ll be throwing all previous zoning regulations out the window. A cannabis-pizza parlor adjacent to the Smokesylvania Consulate? Why not?