“Unfolded Things” Art by Tim Quinn (Opening)

The unfolded images are produced by the recursive application of a simple algorithm consisting of a series of deterministic steps that make an image nine times larger. The image is then rotated a set angle and cropped back to the original size before being recycled through the process again. The cropping allows the faintest trace of a willful action within an otherwise set routine: a trace that has proven crucial in achieving a new kind of complexity. These images stand up to extended and repeated viewing. The process can be used to grow the image to any size without loss of resolution or variation.

“I work to surprise myself, to keep the eye satisfied and the mind activated with questions. This is enough of a challenge. The recursive manipulation of the picture plane is the perfect combination of the simplest means leading to the most satisfying results. The judgment of a curious eye cannot be reduced or eliminated if the goal is honestly compelling work. That judgment can be facilitated, enhanced, and liberated by the thoughtful and attentive application of algorithms, but somebody has got to steer.”