Walk Among The Dead Tour – Friday The 13th Edition

Post-event update: LAVA does not offer tours of this hospital. Please do not contact LAVA asking about tours. For info about any past or present LAVA event, you should contact the event host. In this case, Boyle Heights Paranormal Project.

Are you superstitious? Do you cringe when a black cat crosses your path? Would you walk under a ladder?  Do you fret that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck? 

Either way, we invite you to tread the darkened hallways of one of the nation’s most reputedly haunted hospitals. Once here, you can view the Cabinet Of Curiosities’ documentary about Linda Vista Hospital (which is considered the official historic video on this location by its owners). Following this you will be led on a tour of this historic landmark hospital, where paranormal researchers from all over the world come in hopes of capturing evidence of life beyond our realm. 

AJ’s Barbecue, famous for their great tasting food and landmark location on the Eastside of Los Angeles, will be selling some delicious chicken and rib dinners at an affordable price.