Teale Hatheway

Artist Statement

My paintings elicit conversations about the history and future of Los Angeles.  I am attracted to personal experiences of space and their effect, conscious or otherwise, on our human condition. 

My compositions draw on the built environment as I compose abbreviated relationships which convey the soul of the site. The effects of bleach, ink, burning and metal leaf enhance the texture of the linen while the acrylic fields offer a smoother, more vibrant surface.  The variety of materials I employ compels an engagement with the surface of the painting by creating visual distinctions between coarseness and refinement.  My process is a relationship between the execution of formal ideas and concessions made to the natures of my chosen materials.

I know I have achieved my goal when the audience has been drawn to the work through form, color and texture, and has subsequently recognized its own relationship with the subject.

My current body of work is of the historic buildings, primarily theatres, remaining on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.