2013 LAVA Visionary of the Year Award Ceremony

To sign up for this free event: First register as a user on this site, and then return to this page. Refresh the page and the signup tab will appear just to the left, above this paragraph. Click “signup” and reserve your spot. No plus-ones; each guest must register individually. Please note that space is limited, so do not reserve if you are not certain you can attend.


Please join us for the inaugural LAVA Visionary of the Year Award ceremony, beginning with cocktails (no-host bar) from 6:30pm-8pm, followed by the award presentation at 8pm.

LAVA is delighted to announce that we will be presenting an award to the LAVA Visionary of the Year. For this program, launching in January 2013, we will designate an individual within the LAVA Visionaries community who has, through their social finesse, community building and exploratory spirit, best exemplified the spirit of LAVA in the prior year. The Visionary of the Year is an ambassador of goodwill representing the best of what an Angeleno can aspire to. We launch this annual award both to honor one remarkable Angeleno, and to remind all members of the extended LAVA community to look to their higher selves and aspire to be their best–today and always.

The 2013 LAVA Visionary of the Year Award will be presented to Dwain Carlo Crum. Dwain is a regular attendee at LAVA events, and his red cap and good cheer have become rocks upon which we have built our community. As a LAVA Visionary, he has hosted the 2012 Memorial Day tour of Savannah Memorial Cemetery, an entity for which he serves as Executive Director. Among Dwain’s passions are traveling the country in his motor home The Black Pearl, collecting matchbook covers and swizzle sticks, organizing social gatherings for fellow retired academics in the San Gabriel Valley, appearing as an extra in motion pictures, and reviewing businesses on Yelp (even though the website, apparently unable to handle someone with Dwain’s passion and energy, has blocked all 500+ of his reviews from regular viewing).*

Dwain is larger-than-life, all-embracing, accommodating and gracious, and an exemplar of the spirit of LAVA. Please join us as we celebrate him on the eve of his departure on a seven-month round-the-world cruise. We will miss him in Los Angeles, but know that many new friends will be grateful for his presence out on the high seas and varied ports o’ call.

There will be no-host cocktails from 6:30pm to 8pm in the bar of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, followed by the presentation of the award at 8pm. The event is free, but reservations are required, and drinks or food not included.

*Please contact Yelp asking that they liberate Dwain “The Pirate” C’s hidden reviews and make them available for public viewing.