The Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is very pleased to announce the opening of Paperland, a group exhibition of limited edition handmade fine art zines and prints.
Paperland presents a collection of handmade zines and prints created by ECF Art Center Artists and a select group of supporting local artists including: Erin Burrell, JR Luat, Bradford Lynn, Liz Mamont, Javier Ramirez and Carly Strauss. Themes explored in the works include nature, patterns, abstraction, spirituality, portraiture, and more. The limited edition zines also give viewers a glimpse of the creative process, source material influences and practice of each featured artist. The unique format of the zine allows these traits to be displayed for the first time in a gallery setting. To compliment the zines, the Gallery will also display collections of original prints, in combination with oversized xeroxed posters of images lifted directly from the printed publications themselves.
Proceeds from the exhibition will benefit the Art Centers, a Southern California based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which has mentored special needs artists since 1968. For more information on the Art Centers, please visit:

Debra Alexander, Angelica Alvarado, Thomas Birdsong, Tammy Brackens, Anthony Brown, Erin Burrell, Lupe Carbajal, Jesus Celadon, Heon Choi, Heather Cuellar, Milton Davis, Danielle Doyle, Eugenio Galvez, Orhan Guven, Adriana Homsi, Maria Kim, Justina Ko, JR Luat, Angelica Luna, Bradford Lynn, Liz Mamont, Larry Pearsall, Juan Pierri, Victor Prieto, Javier Ramirez, Cesar Rodriguez, Christopher Romero, Debbie Sauers, Harvey Schwartz, Thomas Sedgwick, Marvin Singer, Carly Strauss, Dahlia Tachman, Ray Taix, Jesse Tise, Sarah Woo, Jose Zamora

There are several pay parking lots in the immediate area as well as free street parking after 6pm. Please note that DAC Gallery does not validate parking.
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