All About the TCL Chinese Theatre Tour

The LAHTF returns to the TCL Chinese Theatre for a comprehensive behind-the-scenes tour. Our seasoned volunteer docents will lead you on a full exploration of the theatre – from the projection booth and Grauman’s private box, to behind the screen and under the stage. Theatre historian Ed Kelsey will present the history of the theatre with vintage photos projected on the big screen. All About the TCL Chinese Theatre presents a unique opportunity to explore Sid Grauman’s masterpiece.

The TCL Chinese theatre will soon close for renovation and restoration work. Areas behind the current screen will be altered as part of the renovation. This will be your last opportunity to visit the staging areas of Sid Grauman’s signature prologues. The LAHTF is working in concert with theatre management and can report that no defining historic characteristics in the auditorium or exterior will be affected in the work that will soon take place. In fact, the TCL Chinese will re-open with state-of-the-art equipment and increased patron comfort. It will still be the best place in the world to see a movie.

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