Scenes from the fifth LAVA Salon (A Dashiell Hammett Evening)

April 27, 2013 – Los Angeles Athletic Club


Above: Conjuring the noir spirit of Dashiell Hammett at the LAVA Literary Salon are Stephanie Torronez, Richard Schave, Mike Austin, David Ross.


Above: Julie Rivett drinks a toast to her grandfather, the writer / activist Dashiell Hammett.


Above: Guest Terry Ellsworth in a zen moment in the buffet line; early comedy cinema historian Brent Walker at right.

Photos by Chinta Cooper. See more of them here.

Host: Richard Schave

Presenters: Julie Rivett and Richard Layman

Musical Director: David Ross

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company under the direction of Helen Borgers: John LeMay as Nick Charles, Stephanie Torronez as Nora Charles and the Russian Princess. Mike Austin as the Continental Op, Jesse Seann Atkinson as Sam Spade and Natalie Maclachlan as Brigid O’Shaughnessy.


Above: Mike Austin, as the Continental Op, draws a bead on the Russian Princess.

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