A Rrose in a Prose curated reading at the 2014 L.A. Zine Fest

A Rrose in a Prose, L.A.’s most ramshackle monthly literary salon, is pleased to announce that this month’s event will be something very special: a curated reading onstage at the 2014 L.A. Zine Fest!

Founded by music journalist and editor D. M. Collins (L.A. RECORD) in 2012 out of a sense of desperation, A Rrose in a Prose is a cure for the boring open-mic readings and pushy poetry slams you may have suffered through at coffee shops throughout the Southland. Featuring writers from all genres, and we mean all of ‘em—poets, fiction writers, essayists, eroticists, educators, rappers, playwrights, political pundits, bards, braggarts, addicts, comedians, conspirators, and critics, to name a few—and from all walks of life, A Rrose in a Prose’s hand-picked, cross-pollinated, round-robin style readings are never dull, never safe, and might just help you find your next literary crush.

This month, of course, the theme is zines. And so for the first time, we’ll be bringing David Markey (We Got Power! Films), Kim Cooper (Esotouric Bus Adventures, LAVA, Scram Magazine), Allison Wolfe (LadyFest, Bratmobile), and Gene Sculatti (Rolling Stone, Billboard) together to read some of the pivotal early works that helped them mold themselves into the artists, pundits, and smarty-pants they’ve since become. We’re certain their stories, and of course their writings, will provide some laughter, some learning, and a sense of legacy for the crowd at Zine Fest.

Now in its third year, L.A. Zine Fest is an annual gathering of zine makers, DIY publishers, graphic novelists and readers, the kind of festival that hits that sweet spot between “convention” and “community.” This year, it’s all coming coming together at Helm’s Bakery in Culver City, where over 175 exhibitors of zines and indie publications are scheduled to spread small press goodies across countless booths and blankets and tables for your perusal (and purchase)!

There’ll also be a whole day’s worth of presentations, readings, and events; Doors open at 10am, A Rrose in a Prose hits the main stage from 4:15 to 5 p.m.