LAVA Broadway on My Mind walking tour #11: R.B. Young & Downtown L.A. Sidewalks (July 2014)

In July 2013, LAVA – The Los Angeles Visionaries Association launched a series of free walking tours along Broadway meant to raise consciousness about the Broadway Theater and Commercial District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the pending implementation of Strategy One, Phase One of the City of Los Angeles’ Broadway Streetscape Master Plan. Each walking tour follows and departs from the free LAVA Sunday Salon.

This month’s tour was hosted by Richard Schave (Esotouric/LAVA) with Donald Spivack and Gordon Pattison. The themes were the architecture of Robert Brown Young, The Spring Arcade building, gentrification of Grand Central Market, affective ownership, the Pantages and the Cameo and Roxie Theatres. The last half of the tour goes into the complex public/private sidewalk preservation and funding issues along Broadway and how temporary changes enacted for the Broadway Streetscape Master Plan are impacting expensive permanent street and sidewalk work.

Read about this tour here or watch the video here.