Pershing Square Renew Launch Party

The Pershing Square Restoration Society invites you to attend the Pershing Square Renew Launch Party, the first public event from the new non-profit organization “dedicated to supporting and facilitating Pershing Square’s revitalization.”

Pershing Square Renew says “Join us in the heart of Downtown for a fun-filled night of music, art, food, ice skating, interactive games, and prize-giveaways. Although this night will be about having fun and celebrating with the community, it will also be an opportunity for you to weigh in on your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a renewed Pershing Square.” 

Background information: In 2013, the Pershing Square Task Force was formed with the intent of “Re-Envisioning” the historic park. Public response has overwhelmingly supported a different model: the restoration of the 1910 John Parkinson landscape design that was demolished in 1951 to put in underground parking. More than 1500 people have signed the petition asking for restoration and the campaign has been prominently covered by The Los Angeles Times, Which Way LA? and Curbed.

The Pershing Square Task Force has since been replaced by Pershing Square Renew. Pershing Square Renew recently announced their intention of holding a design competition for Pershing Square; Councilman Jose Huizar confirmed that the historic 1910 John Parkinson design can be entered, and that a public vote will select the winner.

Supporters of the campaign to Restore Pershing Square are encouraged to attend this event and share their hopes for a return to John Parkinson’s 1910 design for the park, or other ideas which occur to them. All are welcome–please spread the word!