Canceled – LAVA’s 44th Sunday Salon

Due to circumstances beyond our control, June’s LAVA Sunday Salon has been canceled.  We appreciate your understanding. 


Please note that, due to limited room capacity, attendees must register to attend the LAVA Sunday Salon. To sign up for this free event: First register as a user on this site, or login to your existing account and then return to this page. Refresh the page and the signup field will appear just to the left of this text. Enter your email address. No plus-ones; each guest must register individually. If you find you are unable to attend, please return to this page and cancel your reservation. Also, note that the Sunday Salon has a new time slot: 2-4:30pm.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Inside the Mind of Professor Donald Johnson

Join us this month as Professor Donald Johnson, Director of the Criminalistics Department at Cal State Los Angeles, shares lighthearted, offbeat and illuminating reminisces of his personal journey from morbid child to journeyman mortician to professional homicide investigator, forensic scientist and educator. From blood spatter evidence to embalming, bone collecting to rappelling down buildings looking for evidence, Professor Johnson always seems to find himself surrounded by the most interesting artifacts of lives interrupted. Share in his adventures, and learn about the shoes he fills at CSULA‘s Criminalistics Department, which was founded by the legendary LAPD criminalist Ray Pinker in 1965 and which continues to explore new frontiers in forensic science under Dr. Johnson’s enlightened direction.

Professor Johnson’s Sunday Salon presentation also serves as an introduction to his ongoing series of LAVA forensic science seminars in his teaching lab at Cal State Los Angeles, including the upcoming Serial Killer Summer Session: The Night Stalker & The 60 Freeway Slayer on August 16. Purchase your ticket for the program now and help support new research into the science of crime detection.

Prof. Don Johnson, director of Criminalistics Department, CSULA