Touring the Watts ’65 Riots, a personally narrated bus tour

The Mayme Clayton Library & Museum, in association with the Watts Towers Arts Center, will present a bus tour of Watts, stopping at sites meaningful to the Watts Riots of 1965. Led by Mayme Clayton Library and Museum board member and Watts native, Mr. Lindsay Hughes, the one-hour tour is a personal journey through the events that occurred in this area on August 15, 1965. Ticket price: $35.

Mr. Hughes will discuss the political and social issues that animated the Watts neighborhood in 1965, the true locational boundaries of the uprisings, the locations of low income housing projects in the area, such as Nickerson Gardens and Jordan Downs, and the factors that triggered the riots. Participants shall visit sites important to the Southern California African American experience like the 5-4 Ballroom, a venue favored by musical legend, Johnny Otis.

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