corpus fluxus

Ross Lipman is well known for his film/video and performance work, as well as his writings and restorations of independent cinema.  His 16mm and 35mm experimental films have screened throughout the world at venues ranging from the London International Film Festival to the Chinese Taipei Film Archive. He is a former member of Budapest’s Bela Balazs Studios and his works have been collected by institutions and museums including the Sammlung Goetz in Munich.

One of the world’s leading figures in the restoration of experimental and independent cinema, Lipman lectures internationally and his writings on film history, aesthetics and technology have been published in numerous books and journals.  In 2007 and 2008 he was honored with consecutive National Society of Film Critics’ Heritage Awards.

His current projects include Keep Warm, Burn Britain!, a feature length memoir of a disbanded squatting movement in East London in the 1980s, and The Book of Paradise Has No Author, a live performance essay on media constructions of the Tasaday indigenous group in the Philippines.