Tom Walker

Diversity of interests and skills – keep me interested and engaged…

Public Artist ~ both “sanctioned” and “non-sanctioned” interventions.

Teacher ~  I teach a regular (CE) class at Otis College, as well as teaching freelance through my private studio. I have a pretty thorough knowledge and can instruct in: Metalwork, Fabrication, and tacit Art-making skills, as well as arts administrations… breaking into public art, grant writing, the business of art.

Fabricator ~ I help others through consultation and hands-on creation of their visions, dreams and curious creations.

I am currently looking to make a significant contribution to the art creation industry in Los Angeles Area, in the form of a new Art Creation Co-operative :: ARC:lax ~ Art. Resource. Community. Please see the website for more details.

“Our vision is to bring together artists, community members and people interested in exploring their creative selves in an environment that encourages artistic exploration, initially in “industrial arts” (metalwork, wood, ceramics, kinetics), and later in a wider range of medium (glass, concrete, painting, fiber-arts, printmaking, electronic media, video and performance).

ARC:lax will be a safe and supportive place to learn new disciplines, share ideas and processes and improve skills through a variety of classes, workshops, exhibitions and cultural events, and learning opportunities. We see ARC:lax as a communal gathering place where artists can both encourage each other as well as reach out to neighboring schools and community organizations.

We are a membership based organization that offers use of space, tools and professional & peer expertise; We will offer classes at various levels and subjects; We hope to offer individual “studio spaces” for rent.

Part of our “Community Commitment” will be in offering various programs for local groups and individuals, that may manifest in the form of afterschool programs for youth, internships, community service opportunities; assisting other local non-profit organizations through the creation of hardscape for their facilities; “professional development” classes and workshops and outreach for artists; and more…

We are the starting point of our dream.
wish us luck, join us here to keep informed as more develops!”