War Child Show

LAVA Visionary David Caldwell presents his War Child Show on the evening of LAVA’s monthly Sunday Salon. Enjoy yourself downtown until nightfall, then head over to Caldwell’s Arts District loft, where there will be wine and snacks and a most unusual multi-media art presentation. Doors open 7:00pm for this free event, and the show starts around 8pm. No one will be admitted after the show begins.

War Child is a Monumental Sculpture.
An Installation in the form of,
a Magically Elaborate Altar.
14 feet high, 40 feet wide, and 26 feet deep,
It gives Birth to a 40 minute Experience.
A Video, Sound, and Light Show Performance.
The Video Juxtaposes Manipulated Images,
Of Nature, Civilization, Creation, and Destruction.
War Childs 3 Dimensional and Technical Wizardry,
Entice the Audience on a Journey.
The Paradigm of Duality,
That Shapes Human Existence.
A Synthesis of Multiple Systems,
War Child becomes a Living,
Breathing, Speaking, Organic Entity.
All of the Technology is Embedded,
and Fully Integrated into the Performance.
The Living Installation Impacts,
Space, Sight, Sound, and Memory.
A Shifting, Constantly Changing Environment,
Envelops the Audience,
and Transports Them,
to Another Dimension.

Contact: David L Caldwell 213 999 7140.