The Art of Bleeding with The Fuxedos and Friends

The Art of Bleeding performs alongside The Fuxedos, The Blasting Company, and Oso in a compact little one-evening festival of theatrical absurdity and absurdly theatrical music and performance.

The night kicks off with a set from the exuberantly excellent Oso, who’ll be traveling down from Santa Barbara to deliver their dynamic brand of spirited, melodic, proggy world music:

They’ll be followed by the wickedly squirmy comedy of The Art of Bleeding with their distinctively inappropriate mélange of kiddy show characters, fetishized nurses, puppets, vintage school films, gruesome displays and ghastly revelations, all wrangled under the moniker: “Magic Ambulance Theater”

Next, you’ll get your tuchus pleasantly punted by The Fuxedos — America’s favorite surreally hilarious, theatrical punky storytelling art rock band.

Followed by The Blasting Company debuting a brand-new, electronic-infused, turbo-folk version of their big Balkan brass band sound, joined by special guests.