Crime Writer’s Homicide School December 6-8 (3-day event)

 “Your presentation was the highlight of the California Crime Writers Conference.” – Tyler Dilts, Author of “A King of Infinite Space” and the forthcoming “The Pain Scale”

•“Yours was one of the most meaningful workshops I’ve ever attended. Keep up the good work.” – Dr. Bernie DePaolis


#1. Sgt. Pacifico is a truly talented speaker and a gifted teacher. Sure, you can sit at home and read about police procedure and investigation, but nothing compares to seeing and hearing the actual detailsofamurdercasefirst-hand. I had to cover my eyes for some of the photos, but otherwise, perfect!

#2. During the two-day seminar, we were able to ask questions and discuss issues with a veteran homicide investigator, and there just aren’t many opportunities to do that.

To spend this much time with police detectives, I would’ve had to commit a felony and get arrested.

#3. I learned that ‘Decomp Smoothie’ is not a delicious, vitamin- enriched protein drink at Jamba Juice. It’s something else.” – Carol Rotundo 

The CRIME WRITER’S HOMICIDE SCHOOL brings you real details from actual homicides. In this dynamic, three-day lecture series, you’ll learn what happens in a murder investigation from the moment police are called all the way to the end with police interrogation techniques. You will know how the cops get confessions without the rubber hose and hot lights. You’ll learn about response procedures, evidence collection, autopsy protocols and much more, taught by an experienced homicide detective.

And for authors, it’s the heart of mystery. Whether you write page-turners; thrillers; classic private eye novels ; or cozies with kitty cats and cookies, a dead body and a cop will show up in your story sooner or later.

Bring life to your characters and plots with authentic procedures and crime scene details you can only learn from someone who’s been there for hundreds of murder cases and thousands of interviews and interrogations.

Your Speaker: Sergeant Derek Pacifico

•21 year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

•6 years in the Homicide Bureau

•Hundreds of murder investigations

•Thousands of interrogations

•Public speaker and law enforcement instructor since 1995

•Private training consultant since 2005