Dulcet singers wanted for Krampus Choir Rehearsal

Yes, you too can get in the spirit of the 2011 Holiday Season by joining our KRAMPUS CHOIR  for its stunning performance at the LAVA Sunday Salon in downtown LA on SUNDAY, NOV. 27.  

GOOD KING KRAMPUS has been keeping wicked children in line for centuries by following Santa around with his huge UGLY STICK always ready for a THRASHING.   You can join us for such joyful odes as “VIOLENT NIGHT,” “MAKING LOVE TO KRAMPUS,” “LUMP OF COAL” and “BRING A SWITCH, JEANNETTE ISABELLA.”   
Each song is translated directly from the original 18th Century Dutch by noted Krampus scholar FORTUNATO DU CRESSY.
We meet on Tuesday evening, Nov. 14, at the beautiful ESCARPMENT just a stone’s throw from the Farmer John Mural and late, great Villa Basque.  The whole program isn’t very long so we can run through it a few times.  Let us know if you’re interested either by emailing Clowns_fetuses(AT)hotmail(DOT)com or by calling Fortunato at 323 640 4153.