Celebrate the Arts

The October 12 and 13th event will take place in Monrovia’s Historic Old Town in Library Park. This will be the 50th Anniversary of the event.

Celebrate the Arts is a juried fine art event that encompasses a variety of media from flat art to three dimensional.  The event is well received in the community. Even the jewelry artists have strict criteria and their work must be wearable art, not simple bead stringing from commercially sourced resources.

I’ve served as Jury coordinator for the event since 2005 and developed the jury criteria which was implemented in 2006 and serves as the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts guide in bringing in new talent.

If any LAVA members want to showcase their art at the Celebrate the Arts please contact me directly and I will work with the Show coordinator to get you in and a display space in.  Late fee will be waived if you are in place by 9/25/2013. 

Monrovia Association of Fine Arts is a group of people from the area that bring art and art education to a variety of communities and schools in the San Gabriel Valley.