Grand Central Market (Basement)

317 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Broadway On My Mind #17: The Jails of Old Los Angeles

LAVA co-founder Richard Schave invites you to join him, Nathan Marsak, and other special guests for the latest free walking tour in the series Broadway On My Mind.

Tour attendees will gather in the basement of Grand Central Market following the LAVA Sunday Salon,.

Check in is at 1:15pm in the basement of Grand Central Market.

Join us for a walk around Temple and Broadway to the sites of the historic jails of old Los Angeles. You’ll learn about the places where criminals were housed, judged and sometimes autopsied, from the earliest Yankee-era adobe cells to the grand 1924 Hall of Justice (“HOJ“). The tour reveals a giant nexus of law enforcement, encompassing U.S. Attorneys, District Attorneys, the Office of the Sheriff, the county’s central jail, County Supervisors, the Office of Coroner, and more. The history of these lost buildings will be punctuated with historic accounts of mayhem, lynchings, and other sordid tales of woe. We’ll also discuss the 1990s closure of the HOJ and the long process of its restoration. If the criminal and civic history of Old Los Angeles intrigues, don’t miss this tour.

The walking tour is free, but reservations are required. If attending both the Sunday Salon and walking tour, please sign up for each event. There are no “plus ones,” so tell your friends to sign up individually. Please don’t reserve unless you plan to attend.

You are advised to carry bottled water and to wear good walking shoes and a hat.


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