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LAVA Sunday Salon October 2017

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that Dion Neutra will be joining us at the LAVA Sunday Salon on the mid-century Public Art of the Civic Center. Clare Haggerty, deputy Director of Collections for the LA County Arts Commission will co-host the event with LAVA’s Richard Schave. Dion Neutra will speak to his father Richard Neutra’s architectural legacy at the Hall of Records (1958). The Hall of Records is also where Joseph Young’s “Topographic Map” is installed. The artist’s daughters Leslie & Cecily Young will be talking about their father’s work, and conservator Donna Williams will discuss her current restoration of “Topographic Map.”

Please join us as LAVA welcomes Clare Haggarty, the Deputy Director of Collections for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and Richard Schave, for a tour of civic art in the Civic Center. Special guests: Cecily & Leslie Young, the daughters of artist Joseph Young, whose iconic mid-century artwork is featured on the tour, and conservator Donna Williams, who is presently restoring Young’s “Topographic Map” at the Hall of Records.

Richard will begin the afternoon with an illustrated lecture focusing on the rich architectural legacy of Downtown L.A.‘s civic center, including the Hall of Administration (1958), Mosk Courthouse (1958) and Hall of Records (1962).

Then we’ll walk over to the civic center to visit a number of historic and more recent civic artworks, including Alison Saar’s “Embodied” (Hall of Justice), Frank Ackerman’s “Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial” (Grand Park), Joseph Young’s “Topographic Map” (Hall of Records) and Malcolm Leland’s ceramic screen (Hall of Records).
On the walk, Clare Haggarty will discuss specific works, and the County’s stewardship of its growing collection. Cecily & Leslie Young will tell us about their father Joseph Young’s artistic legacy, and the challenges they face while seeking to preserve and interpret his artwork, which is widely held in both private and public hands. And conservator Donna Williams will share how she has approached the restoration of Young’s “Topographic Map” at the Hall of Records.

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