Grand Central Market (Basement)

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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LAVA Sunday Salon September 2017

Join us as C.C. de Vere, creator of the Frenchtown Confidential blog, shines a light on the long-forgotten Gallic roots of the city of Los Angeles.

Did you know that French and French-Canadian newcomers outnumbered all other immigrants in 1850s Los Angeles… that the city’s second-oldest hospital was called The French Hospital for over 125 years… that until the 1890s, French was the second most commonly spoken language (after Spanish)? At this month’s LAVA Sunday Salon and walking tour, Frenchtown Confidential lives again.

C.C.’s short illustrated lecture begins at 2pm, and highlights some of the more famous locations and incidents covered in her blog. After the lecture, we will pack our gear and walk to the Plaza, to visit a number of significant Franco-Angeleno sites. Attendees should arrive on time and immediately check in at the LAVA table, and be prepared to make a walk of a little over a mile.

At the end of C.C.’s talk, and just before we leave for the Plaza, Fanny Daubigny, a French-born, Los Angeles–based writer, will read an excerpt of her forthcoming book ‘Proust in Black’. She teaches at CSUF and is the author of numerous articles on Marcel Proust. Fanny is also currently working on a translation of Suzanne Lummis’ poems.

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