Pereira in Peril: LACMA Campus (1965)

Please join architectural and Southern California historians Alan Hess and Richard Schave for the second in their series of free architectural site visits and talks, “Pereira in Peril.”

Come explore the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (William L. Pereira, 1965), and learn about the proposed redevelopment of the campus and the inherent threat this represents to the legacy of mid-century architect Pereira, whose corporate and civic work helped define Los Angeles.

We’ll gather at the Mammoth family sculptures (Howard Ball, 1968) at the eastern edge of the La Brea Tar Pits pool, and then walk over to LACMA to get the lay of the land, verbally peeling back subsequent additions and alterations to present the architect’s original vision for the campus.

After touring the campus, you can eat your sack lunch while we wrap up the program with an overview of other Pereira buildings facing imminent threat of demolition and a game plan for the Los Angeles community to advocate for their preservation, and that of other under appreciated architectural landmarks.