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Film Noir Fundraiser Screening For Angels Flight Railway

Help us “Keep The Lights On” at Angels Flight as the Angels Flight Railway Foundation continues to seek a solution for the funicular’s regulatory issues.

The Angels Flight Railway Foundation is proud to present a full evening of talks, film clips and a screening of the 1951 Joseph Losey Film, “M.” All proceeds go to the Foundation.

Line up:

Hal Bastian, President of the Angels Flight Railway Foundation, will introduce the proceedings:

  • A 45-minute illustrated talk by Nathan Marsak, LAVA’s 2015 Visionary of the Year, about the lost Victorian neighborhood of Bunker Hill and Angels Flight’s importance to the community. Included will be many rare images from Nathan’s personal collection. Nathan will also introduce a series of short film clips featuring Angels Flight through the decades.
  • A screening of the Film Noir classic “M” (Joseph Losey, 1951) introduced by Harold Nebenzal, who with his father, Seymour Nebenzal, produced the film with its stunning location photography on Bunker Hill and in the Bradbury Building. (Seymour Nebenzal also produced the original, German version of “M” (Fritz Lang, 1931).

Please join us for an evening of cinematic thrills and historical enlightenment, dedicated to the preservation and return to service of downtown’s beloved Angels Flight Railway.

Variety’s original review, 1951:

“‘M’ is a remake of picture produced in Germany by Seymour Nebenzal in 1931. Principal change is its shift in locale, presumably to California. David Wayne, as the killer of small children, is effective and convincing. Luther Adler, as a drunken lawyer member of a gangster mob, turns in an outstanding performance, as do Martin Gabel, the gang-leader, and Howard da Silva and Steve Brodie as police officials. Story is that of a killer (Wayne), whose only victims are children. The city is up in arms over failure of the police to nab the murderer. A series of raids by police is hampering the activities of a crime syndicate headed by Gabel. Mob knows it cannot continue with its floating dice games, bookie joints and other enterprises until the killer is caught. To protect his rackets, Gabel orders his gang to catch the killer. Joseph Losey’s direction has captured the gruesome theme skillfully.”